The Stafford County Department of Economic Development and Tourism introduced the new South Stafford HUBZone at the November 21st Community and Economic Development Committee meeting. The new HUBZone maps feature the latest designation, which runs from Centreport to Falmouth to the Southern Gateway Redevelopment Area. The existing Quantico HUBZone is located in North Stafford.

The U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) establishes locations for the Historically Underutilized Business Zone, or HUBZone, throughout the United States. The program’s purpose is to help small business owners obtain government contract benefits when their primary operation is located in the HUBZone area.

“We welcome the opportunity for small business owners to utilize the South Stafford HUBZone,” stated Vice-Chairman Meg Bohmke, Falmouth District. ”Small businesses are one of our greatest assets for hiring and training our local workforce.”
Experts advise business owners to use the SBA website as their guide ( The website provides easy steps to determine if your business is located in the HUBZone, by simply entering your address. The program involves investments of time and resources. HUBZone certification prospects should ask themselves the following questions: Do the products and/or services you offer fit with a solicitation? Can your business meet the requirements of location, workforce, and small business NAICS code to qualify for HUBZone certification?

If the answers to those questions are yes, the program’s benefits for HUBZone-certified companies include:
 Competitive and sole source contracting
 10% price evaluation preference in full and open contract competitions, as well as subcontracting opportunities.
The federal government has a goal of awarding 3% of all dollars for federal prime contracts to HUBZone-certified small business concerns.

According to the SBA, the HUBZone program offers great opportunities for small businesses. “The U.S. government is the world’s largest buyer of products and services,” said Brian Baker, Executive Director of Economic Development, University of Mary Washington. “Nearly $200 billion a year is spent on purchasing everything from complex space vehicles to janitorial services and paper clips. Being in the program makes it easier for federal agencies to do business with small businesses.”
The SBA partners with Virginia’s Small Business Development Centers, with one located at the University of Mary Washington ( The Center offers the guidance and resources that small business owners need. Ultimately, it is the small business owner’s decision and persistence to compete for business that wins the contract.

Additional business services and opportunities can be found at Stafford County Department of Economic Development & Tourism: